15 July 2018

Lost in Ningxia Night Market Taipei Taiwan

In the UK the night life is very different to the night life in Taipei in Taiwan. In the UK it is often common to go to the pub or a night club with your friends and this usually involves drinking alcohol. Obviously this all depends on how old you are, what your character is and if you are a big fan of drinking alcohol. 

I myself like to go to the pub ocasionly as I can usually buy food and have an alcoholic drink like Guinness which is one of my favourites but if I do go it is usually in the afternoon as evenings can get quite crazy. Drinking alcohol is not everything as people do also go to restaurants to eat food, go to the cinema and the gym or swimming.

Restaurants around Bristol Harbour, Za Za Bazaar is a popular one for families.

However I do think alcohol consumption in the UK is a big problem as it is quite common for people to get drunk for the sake of being drunk and this can lead to anti social behaviour problems within society. You can often see the side effects of this in towns and cities especially on a Saturday morning as I can often find smashed glass bottles on the floor, empty beer cans and it can even go us far as vandalism. Perhaps this is a result of there not being many social activities to do within the built environment of towns and city's. 

Empty alcohol bottles and cans left outside of the Arnolfini in Bristol

I do think over consumption of alcohol is a big problem in the UK because of the acociated problems mentioned previously. Ideally I would like to live in a society that is safe and harmonious. Often excessive drinking of alcohol can lead people to become violent and verbally abusive. Maybe now I am just more aware of the problems of drinking alcohol so I tend to only drink occasionly with food.   

Please see the link below for more information about the drinking culture in the UK:
1. bbc.com  

However after going to Taiwan I got a different perspective on night life as it is not like the night life back home in the UK.

If you like food then Taiwan is food heaven as you will never go hungry here even if you tried. When I fist went to Taipei I was amazed at how important food is to the people of Taiwan. On every street you will find a shop selling different types of food from noodles, pastries, cakes, sweets, dumplings, Taiwanese breakfast which is one of my favourites and the list goes on. A lot of these shops and restaurants are small family businesses and others are big companies.

 From 5pm this this road gets transformed into the Ningxia Night Market in Taipei

What is really special are the street food night markets that usually start from 5pm and finish at about 4am and the markets are all outside usually occupying a whole road. With so much food abundant around it seems people do not really care much for alcohol, although if people are seen drunk on the streets of Taiwan it is looked down upon by society so I guess this is another reason why drinking alcohol is not popular. The night markets are defiantly worth a visit as you can eat all sorts of things from fish, handmade sweets, cakesnoodles, steamed buns, stinky tofu and plenty more.

Ningxia Night Market Taipei Taiwan

Liu Yu Zi. Deep Fried Purple potato balls at Ningxia Night Market Taipei Taiwan. Very delicious, crispy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside.

I thought I would share a video of Ningxia Night Market in Taipei Taiwan. In this video I was interested in capturing the sounds from food being cooked to people talking and the bussy crowds of people in the space.

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