17 September 2012

Anish Kapoor, Sky Mirror, Nottingham Playhouse

Just over a week ago I went to Nottingham to check out the UK Young Artists Symposium, but before going I dissevered on the internet that one of Anish Kapoor's works Sky Mirror is located in the city centre so I was interested to see it for my self as personally I have never seen his work. 

The moment I saw that art work I felt my eyes were playing tricks on me, it just looked so surreal. It is almost like the mirror floats in space, weightless like its defying gravity. I like the way you can move around the work and experience the reflections it casts of the space around you, such as the sky, architecture and your-self, it all looks as though the image is distorted or stretched in some way in that it is not perfectly representational of the environment. The feeling I get from this work is that it sits somewhere between the border of science and art because it seems to me the artist enjoys testing out new materials and what there capable of.

I think though this work probably would have made a greater impact if it was placed in the heart of the city centre as this was located next to a theatre and was a bit secluded, perhaps if it was in the heart of town it would reach a wider audience and the piece would become more engaging with the space its in. But that's just my opinion.       

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