18 September 2012

Francis Upritchard at Nottingham Contemporary (9/9/12)

Whilst visiting Nottingham to see the UK Young Artists Symposium I also managed to see an exhibition by Francis Upritchard at the Nottingham Contemporary.

To be honest I did not really stay long at that space, I felt quite uncomfortable and a bit cold, looking at these pictures now I feel the work is quite exciting but I did not hang around long enough to fully experience the work. It must have been the space, by looking at the pictures you can probably tell the building is vary modern and when I was walking around the building there were hardly any windows on the sides but inside there is a really nice lighting feature on the ceiling that harnesses natual light and interacts with these coloured panels. I think what I did not like about the space was that it felt a little bit empty and I must have felt paranoid as it seemed as though the staff were watching me. Although I think you do get that when you go to other galleries as well sometimes. Anyway I had a really strange feeling being in that space, I just wanted to get out. It got me thinking though about the standard white space that some gallery choose to use and I myself sometimes like this as it can harness the way an artwork is seen, but I think there is another side to the coin as such as this experience I felt quite alienated. 

Getting back to the work they were quite funky and full of character. There kind of like performers playing around in the space there in and they remind me of people form the circus. All the figures were vary individual, they all had different facial features and some of them even wore clothing and the skin also came alive as the artist in some cases did not opt for the standard colour as some figures were very colourful and this just seemed to add character.


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