24 September 2012

New thoughts and reflections about photographic research

July 2010, Stonehenge 

June 2012, Taiwan

July 2010, Stonehenge

7/9/12, National Assembly for Wales

July 2010, Stonehenge

7/9/12, National Assembly for Wales

Yesterday I did not post anything onto my blog as I was a little unsure about what to post so today I thought I would re-evaluate my fundamental research. This is another thing I like about the blog is that I can use it as tool to also document my research that is not only accessible for myself but other people if they would like to read it to get another perspective about the work I am doing.

Obviously my core research is the built environment around me, so man-made structures. I have been looking at this because I am interested in the way we construct for ourselves realities in which to live our lives. This reality constantly raises questions because I realise it has been built from ideas to serve a purpose.

I still think Stonehenge is a key catalyst for my research as it justifies this idea that reality is just constructed and therefore ideas are just constructed. I say this because it was a monument created to serve a purpose or idea. It is thousands of years old but we still don't know much about it. Until this day we continue to analyse it and try to make sense of its purpose or meaning and we are continually creating new ideas, even beliefs and attaching it to this object.

This information is theoretical and Stonehenge has helped me to think and question the way I see the world. Maybe I realise the built environment around me is tangible, it can change at any moment and this can imply new ways of seeing and experiencing the world around me. Perhaps it is the questioning itself that is important and your own thoughts that you may bring to it. Maybe it is just an abstraction, maybe its a reflection of being in a post-modern age as nothing is solid, definitive and everything is questionable.

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