15 September 2012

Penarth, Cardiff, Uk

Since the Masters Exhibition I have still continued to investigate built structures through the use of photography and today I had the opportunity to capture some pictures from the beach of Penarth. 

What I found interesting about these pictures is the way these structures occupy the space there in and in some ways creates contrasts, there almost like components on a canvas. Again the way there photographed seems to portray variations of angles, line, contrast in colours, in a way they provide alternative ways of seeing.

It is hoped that this kind of documentation will help me to think and develop my work. 

I must also mention there will be some time now before I get back into making new work from ceramics as I need to continue to gather funds and opportunities to support this. Therefor at the moment I will be able to focus on the research side of things and think about future works so I will be continuing to update this blog. 

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