21 September 2012

World Event Young Artists 2012, also known as Uk Young Artists (Nottingham, Uk)

Previously I had mentioned that I had the opportunity to vistit Nottingham to see the World Event Young Artists 2012 and so today I have put up some selected images from this event.

The actual event itself is split apart into different venues across the city and so when you arrive there its best to take a map from an information point one of which is in the heart of the city centre, but to be honest it was quite challenging to find these place as there were no signs in the city pointing to the different venues. For example these photos here all came from one venue that was about 20 minuets out of the city centre by buss so its best to get a rough idea first of were these different venues are.

I spent two days in Nottingham but it was only this venue that caught some of my interest as the works ranged from sculpture to photography to painting to ceramics and so it was a nice mix of work from different mediums and different artists from across the globe. A lot of the work was quite abstract but there were some representational art works as well such as a painting that captured the city life of I think a place in China. There was a figurative sculpture that really stood out to me, the last photo listed here documents a blackened figure that was part sculpture and part performance, it just seemed to emphasise a presence that was not solid like it was a kind of image left behind. It was quite uncomfortable in a way as the actor would seem to watch you every move. The ceramics was quite interesting although there was not a lot but one piece illustrating a cup on a table caught my eye as seemed to bring up associations to ceremony.

It was a nice opportunity to visit another place and see some art work but but I felt a little bit let down as the website stated it was going to be such a great event to showcase art from different artists from across the globe. I was just expecting to see much more, perhaps there was and maybe I just could not find it. However I do think this venue in-particular were I took these pictures could have benefited more if it was located in the city centre and I was not vary happy with the way in which the ceramic pieces were placed as I felt they were kind of pushed aside to one room, It would have been great to see them in the same room as the other sculptures and paintings and I also think the organisation could have selected more ceramic artists as the work was quite small compared to the other mediums. These are just my opinions and the organisation probably have there reasons. 

You can check the website, I think that event is finished now.

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