10 November 2012

53 Degrees North, York (8 Sep-27 Oct 2012)

When applying for exhibitions you never really quite know if the work will get chosen to exhibit, but when work does get selected it is very rewording. For this exhibition there were awards givern out but unfortunately on this occasion I was not selected. Although it is a little bit sad to here it douse give me strength to keep going and do my best.

It is always interesting seeing the work in different environments and this was especially the case here for the 53 Degrees North exhibition in York. York is quite far away from were I am currently based in Cardiff so I packed my work up and had it sent to their venue and the owners of the galley were very kind as they helped me to display the work and I left it up to them to decide were they wanted to place it. 

It was a surprise then when I managed to find some time to come to York and see the work for my self as I discovered that they had placed it next to someone's painting. This was very interesting as I have never had my ceramic work placed next to paintings before and I felt this worked quite well as it created relationships between my work and the painting behind it. It was as though the eye was forced to look at both works simultaneously. Therefore it seemed to reaffirm that my work does share some kind of connection to painting, I gess it is because of the colours used as there very vibrant and I suppose the colour and the forms harness each other to create something that is quite surreal.

I will keep this display method in mind, who knows if something like this could be used again and it also makes me re-consider now the importance of my own developing paintings and its its potential influence on the ceramic work now and in the future. 

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