14 November 2012

York Art Gallery (Art and Music)

(Malcom Hughes-Study No.3, 1983, Born-1920-1997)

(Luigi Pericle-Supramental Transformation, 1962, Born-1916-2001)

(Oliver Bevan-Flickering Grid, 1965) 

(Wilhelmina Barns-Graham-Orenge Form, 1956, Born-1912-2004)

(William Staite Murray-Motet for Strings, 1937-39, Born-1881-1963)

Recently I had some of my art work displayed in York at the New School House Gallery, so it was a good opportunity to not only see that exhibition but also take some time to explore some of York city centre.

I enjoyed York, I like the way the city retains some of its history and the way some buildings speak their own character. There are maps doted around the place that points you to all the museums so that was useful as from that I found this Museum the York Art Gallery. It was here that I found an exhibtion called "Art and Music" that caught my eye.

What interested me here was the fact the the exhibition was not limited to one material but consisted of painting and ceramics. There seemed to be some shared concerns as such things as shape, line, colour and light had been utilised in some way by the artists. You could get the feeling the curator/s had chose these pieces for their relationships with one and other.

It is interesting I mention shape, line colour and light because I am sure I have mentioned those things a couple of times before, it seems to be something that keeps recurring, something that I can identify or that speaks out to me. Either way this seemed to play an important part in the exhibition, and it had a way of fixating my eye on certain parts of the piece to which I would then have to step back to see it as a whole. Perhaps what I like about this type of work is the playfulness and its juxtapositions of shape and colour, perhaps it's the way it lets my mind run free and lets me make of it what I want to make of it and so therefore I bring in my own associations to it. However one association that douse spring to mind is the built environment and I gess that is because of the geometry used and the individual elements that become suggestive. Or perhaps I only think in this way because the built environment is one current interest of mine and so is it my brain that establishes connections to this?

I did not have a long time to view the exhibition and I did not spend too much time reading the articles. Actually recently I found reading to much into a work can detract me from the actual experience and my own judgements.

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