15 November 2012

York city centre, selected pictures

Lately I have been continuing my ever increasing mission of taking photos to help influence my thinking in relation to my theory and practice. These pictures were taken in York the last time I was there, they are quite random as there is no particular one place in York to which they have come from, I just mainly selected the ones I most liked from the collection I have.

I have not manipulated  the pictures in any way using photoshop this time round, however what I have done is to change the way the pictures are seen by displaying them in ways that are un-corect to their original perspective, so really just by rotating the images from their original position. It is so simple but it makes me look at the pictures in a whole different way, I suppose its like turning reality upside-down or making it appear unusual to how it would originally be seen. Although I find it is still possible to make some connections to the subjects I am seeing. It is not all together abstracted to the point of the image being completely unrecognisable.

This seems to be a noticeable feature with a lot of my photographic research as the images retains their connection to reality no matter what I do to try to manipulate them and change the way they are seen, there is always a trace. Perhaps this is a good thing, you know its something from reality but your left to contemplate on perhaps certain features such as the elements that make up the composition of the pictures. Maybe that is mostly what its all about-the composition, the elements? 

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