27 December 2012

Selected Pictures, Bristol, UK

With this picture I positioned the camera near to the ground in between some railings, its produced quite an interesting angle and perspective. The structure appears to be set against the backdrop of the sky.

Here for me the forms and colours really stand out and looks as though they are interacting with the backdrop of the space.

This one is almost serial looking as though there is another dimension to which this bicycle could enter.

I took this one as I enjoyed the way my eyes were wanting to see what was inside but found it difficult, however light and shadow played a part in heightening space and structure.

Some kind of Hot-Cross-Bun? Never seen anything like this before, I still don't know what it is, but the form and colour immediately caught my eyes. 

Here I avoided taking a picture of all of the structure, the object appears to be a centre of focus.

Elements look as though there layered upon each other, and my eyes feel trapped as if there is no were to escape.

It looks like a mess but it seems to have a kind of characteristic, the elements come alive and there is a visual wealth of colour. 

There seems to be a kind of tension taking place, a line of sorts interacting with space.

Times have been busy recently as within the past week or so I left Cardiff and moved to Bristol just in time for Christmas. It always takes time to properly settle down when moving to a new area and Bristol is no exception as I have not lived here before. At least the Christmas food has helped me to feel more relaxed, I hope everyone else has had a joyful Christmas and has a Happy New Year for 2013. 

I thought I would just like to share these new selected pictures taken for the first time around the Bristol Harbour side. I rely enjoyed my time there, the space is huge and since I went out on Christmas Day it was so quiet, everything very still and peaceful. It's interesting as Christmas seems to be the one day of the year were you can go outside and feel as though the world around you has stopped. But anyway this proved to be a good opportunity to go outside for a walk after a big dinner and take some pictures.  

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