27 December 2012

Divided Visions-Paper sculpture finished 26/12/12

(Divided Visions, 26/12/12, assembled paper and coloured using oil pastels, wall mounted)

I am on a role today with these blogs, thought I would quickly add another. I recently created my first paper sculpture, well my first since a long time running now. The last time I used paper in this way was back at College and I remembered I enjoyed creating things using paper. Like ceramics it too can be shaped into almost anything and be coloured, providing possibilities to explore. Paper is such an accessible material and since I do not have all the facilities yet to get back into using clay to make my work I found paper can provide me valuable insights to ways in which to explore my ideas further.

 This sculpture is intended to be a wall piece, I wanted to create a relief of sorts as the idea of making reliefs has been in my mind for quite sometime. With this piece I wanted to create something that had a kind of depth in a way to draw the eyes into different parts through the use of form and colour, just like my thinking in relation to my new ceramic work. 

I also notice with this piece there is a lot of separate elements used to create the overall piece, it seems they have a way of braking everything up into segments that effects the way the overall form is seen.

I hope I can can continue to produce more paper pieces like this, I really have enjoyed working in this way as it also provides a means to test out ideas. At this rate my lounge will probably turn into some kind of gallery space.

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