4 April 2013

Riverside, Bristol, selected images

The process behind the Pictures

More pictures to add to the collection, I don't think there is a time were there is not an opportunity to take pictures. Although I do take pictures when I get the time it is always a challenge getting the rite one or one that looks right to me. Sometimes I find when I am at a specific location like from were these shots were taken I may take many shots of one specific object or thing before I find one that meets my expectation. However sometimes I do get the odd time when I may just take one picture of something and it turns out to be more than my expectation. I realise then that taking pictures is a bit like fishing, you never really truly know what you will catch. There are so many factors that will influence the outcome like the lighting, weather condition, my mood, my eyes and the position of were I am standing in relation to the object or thing, etc. I suppose it does not matter how many pictures I do take of something as each time it will be different if just slightly. 

Its effect?
  • Wonder/Curiosity
  • Speculation
  • Questions/No answers?
  • Evoking the imagination
  • Form taken out of context?
  • Individual formal components?
  • Contrasts of form and colour
  • Light and space
  • Space as a canvas
  • It is like looking into a mirror, I am having to look at my self and what it may mean to me. 

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