25 May 2013

Taiwan 16/4-6/5 2013, locations inside of Taipei

 Taipei Main MRT Station 



Continuing on from my other post regarding (locations outside of Taipei) what we have here is a selection of images all taken in locations inside of the main city Taipei. There is not any one specific object or environment I have been taking photos of. However I would like all pictures to express a common goal and that is to portray a space that is dynamic and subject to change, but out of this I would also like to highlight a new perspective on reality, the environment we construct for our selves.

I find that Taiwan offers a wealth of potential for my research as the built environments there are so juxtaposed with so many contrasting elements. I have tried to capture these in my photos, such as the contrasts of line, shape, colour and space. In some cases I find that some pictures are like abstract paintings as the space is filled with so many contrasting elements that it can appear to be like there all massed together.  Importantly though these pictures make me see these environments in a way that is different to the real experience, I am forced to recognise features that are so integrated into that space that perhaps we take for granted. This in a sense is one way I find of bringing about new ways of seeing to the space we live in, trying to reveal something new from what is already there.

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