27 July 2013

New Chalk pictures, 11/3/13

(In the Distance, 11/3/13, chalk on paper)

(Shifting, 11/3/13, chalk on paper)

(To the Sky, 11/3/13, chalk on paper)

It has been a wile since I last updated my blog, I have been busy with a lot of things lately, it's a bit annoying because I do enjoy putting out new material.

Currently the time I do have I use to work on things like my drawings, sketchbooks and research because at the moment it is the only creative means I have to explore my ideas until I find a suitable studio space to create ceramic work. But with limited resources there are still possibilities. I think its pictures like these that continuously drives my thought process, its this creative process that require me to explore new territories in a way other than through ceramic.

So here are a few new pictures, all dune using chalks on B4 paper, I am enjoying using this material, its probably a medium I will continue to explore as I find myself becoming more comfortable using it. In terms of the images as a whole, they are referenced from my photography, imagery taken from various locations to which have been translated by changing the colour in relation to parts of the form. I have also tried to become more consciously aware of the form and the surrounding space as it is my intention to draw the eyes to different constructed parts, hopefully the restricted colour range could help harness this.

I realise though there is still a lot to explore, hopefully the more pictures I can create the more resolved the work will get.

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