27 July 2013

New paintings: Revealing and Past, Present, Future (18/7/13)

Revealing. 15/7/13, acrylic paint on card

Past, Present, Future. 15/7/13, acrylic paint on card

Two more paintings finished, again it took quite a bit of time to compleate but I guess time pays off in the end.

What can I say about these two pieces...? Maybe that is always going to be the question. I think every time I create new pieces it creates more questions than answers. So I think perhaps personally the work will always generate some element of surprise and curiosity.

Although I always do try to keep a slight reference to the built environment, its always used as a foundation in which to develop from and test new grounds hopefully. I want to keep searching, explore new possibilities from this foundation, to retain a level of connection but also test the boundaries of what it could be.

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