27 July 2013

Selected charcoal pictures from October to November 2012

(Dream, 14/10/12)

(In-Motion, 1/11/12)

(Gloom, 28/11/12)

Today I finished a new set of pictures, it took me quite some time as I found my self constantly changing and reworking parts. Whilst working on these I realised though there comes a time when you do need to stop as a picture can be overworked, but it is difficult knowing when.

I have continued to use my photography as a source of inspiration for the work produced here, that still remains important as it acts as a catalyst to develop my imagination. Essentially I am reinterpreting the pictures I have taken by focusing on light, colour, line and atmosphere I get from looking at these pictures. I hope I have tried to capture some aspects of that here, but I know there is still a lot to develop, I hope to continue to produce more pictures.

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