27 July 2013

Selected drawings (5th October 2012)

As recently I have not had the opitunity yet to get back into the practical side of making I have been instead focusing on the research side of things. I have been exploring drawing using some of the photographs I had gatherd from various locations as references to reflect and investigate upon.

Lately I have been mainly using minimal colour as I am just trying to find out how these pictures look if some elements are either coloured or not and also the way these formations of components react and respond to the space.

This is a new venture as not only the works exists in their own rite but also the works could potentially contribute to my overall research and practice. I will hopefully continue to add to this blog more developments in drawings and I have added a category for this to be housed in on the blog.

So I guess it's a good thing having the time out at the moment from making as I have got the opportunity to get stuck into the research side of things. Hopefully soon I could have the ability to get back into the practice itself.

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