27 July 2013

Selected drawings, Disarray & The Way Home (8th January 2013)

Disarray, 2/1/13, oil pastels on paper

The Way Home, 2/1/13, oil pastels on paper

Just recently finished two more pictures, I decided to give oil pastels a go instead of the chalks. It has been a while since I last used oil pastels and it has takes time to get used to using them again and I still need to keep practising to build up my skill level.

I like the way its possible to really build up layers with the pastels, it was not a quick process as I had to constantly build up the layers to achieve the depth of colour and light I was after.

It seems more and more that the pictures I have been producing are taking on some life of their own, they just seem to evolve in a way I cannot predict the outcome. I find this interesting as the end result is always surprising and it challenges the way I see and identify. 

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