27 July 2013

Window, 19/1/13, coloured chalks on paper

Window, 19/1/13, coloured chalks on paper

Recently I have spent more time continuing to develop my drawings, I keep trying to find new ways to draw the eyes into different parts of the picture using the built environment as a source of inspiration.

I'd like to think with this latest picture I am coming a step further to realising that and I can see a progression in which I have become more conscious of my actions. In response to my thoughts concerning this picture, I have primarily concentrated on using the white space of the paper to enhance form, line, colour and light. Secondly I focused on using little variation of colour as possible but I still wanted to create a sense of depth and light. I also continue to think about the position of forms and how they too can contribute to creating a world ware the viewer is invited to enter, as parts intertwine and overlap and create space to peer into. 

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