8 December 2013

Creators of our own reality

Selected photographs from Austria, Bristol Harbour and Stonehenge

Recently I found my mind has been bombarded with a lot of thoughts. I am not to sure what exactly caused it, weather it was some of these photos or the paintings that I am working on at the moment or my immediate surroundings. Who knows maybe it was a mixture of all of these, anyway I thought it would be worth wile to record these thoughts in writing and tie it together with some visual imagery I was looking at.

What I have written here is a list of some of these thoughts I had at that time and I suppose in some way they are quite abstract. However there dose seem to be a thread that links it all together. I keep examining these thoughts over and over again and what I notice is perhaps there all reflecting the world I am living in. Its all created to serve a purpose and function to that purpose but its only as real as the idea that created it. 

  • Our we limited by the reality we create for ourselves? Our we free?
  • Douse the constructed reality programme or condition human behaviour in a sense dictating our actions, understanding and our place in it?
  • Is what's real no different from what is not real or what is imaginable?
  • Our we ourselves slaves of our own creation, imprisoned in a reality we have created for our selves, serving a system that in itself can be like a machine, inhuman and lacking feeling, understanding, compassion and emotion.
  • Is my understanding of this physical reality limited by what is imposed upon me? But if it was I would not have these ideas or questions. 
  • How can I escape this reality? Through art, music? Or do I just accept it as what it is? Must I adapt?
  • Is this constructed reality a reality based on limitations?

Some of these ideas may seem ridiculous even negative but they are all based on how I felt at that time and I suppose the mind goes through a series of changes which may effect the way understand my surroundings and my place in it.

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