31 March 2014

New painting. Idea=Reality, Reality=Idea, completed 22/2/14

Idea=Reality, Reality=Idea, 22/2/14, H59, W42, acrylic paint and pastel on paper

Its been a long time coming but finally I have some results as I have recently finished a new mixed media painting. 

I have spent a lot of time producing this work and I hope this comes through in terms of the overall quality. By investing more time into the work I realised this gave me more flexibility and realisation in understanding what it was I wanted to achieve.

Coming up with a title for this piece did not come automatically, I spent many days thinking about it. Like most artworks I am currently producing its difficult to define what it is that has been created as the artwork tends to embody many layers of meaning and metaphor. The built environment is a source of inspiration and this will probably come through in the work but on the other hand I am trying to create something that moves beyond this inspiration. 

Any comments are welcome, stay tuned for more. 

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