19 April 2014

Framing complete for paintings Idea=Reality, Reality=Idea and Bamboo Dreams

(Idea=Reality, Reality=Idea). 22/2/14, acrylic paint & pastel on paper, wooden frame with card border and protective glass panel and ready to hang, Dimensions include frame: W48.5cm H60.5cm

(Bamboo Dreams). 12/4/14, acrylic paint & pastel on paper , wooden frame with card border and protective glass panel and ready to hang, Dimensions include frame: W48.5cm H65cm

Today is Saturday 19/4/14 and it was last Saturday that I went into a local framing shop in Bristol called Art Original to have my latest paintings framed. Therefore today I am pleased to have received the finished framed paintings and I can safely say that I am satisfied with the outcome of them both. Originally it was quite a challenge deciding on the colour of the framing and I did worry weather I had made the rite decision so I am glad its all good.

It also turned out that today was a bit of a learning experience as I realised the importance of choosing a suitable frame. It made me think about the relationship it can play in relating to the colours in the painting and how it can help draw the eye into the space of the painting. On the other hand the frame and paintings makes me think about the interior space it might be placed in and the how the art works overall appearance might defer depending on the colour of the room.

I also got talking to the lady at the shop who helped with the framing as recently I had been thinking a lot about how to calculate the value of these new paintings. For example I have calculated that I have spent approximately 100 hours producing Bamboo Dreams and that does not include the sketch book development of the initial idea. Therefore I estimated the value of this painting at £10.00 an hour to be roughly £1000.00 not including the materials and cost of frame or commission or vat if it applies. So it was a bit of a surprise to hear from her that the value should be aimed much lower partly because I am not recognised at this stage in my practice. I found this surprising because of the amount of investment I had put into creating these paintings from idea to finished artwork. Deep down I feel this should be reflected in the overall value. Who knows, I am still learning, perhaps I need to improve on speed of production and confidence but getting other peoples advice douse place another perspective on things so I guess artists just need to stay positive.

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