12 April 2014

RWA 161st Annual Open Exhibition 2013. (pictures taken from the private view)

Sorry for the wait but finally here are some pictures taken from the RWA Annual Open exhibition 2013 that ran from 23/11/13 to 26/1/2014. I did not manage to get pictures of many artworks from the private view as that day was very busy but I hope these pictures give some kind of indication of the artworks displayed. 

Martin Harman. (Juxtaposed) 28/8/12

Martin Harman. (Juxtaposed) 28/8/12

Ben Rowe. (All Seeing, All Knowing)

Jason Lane. (Iron King)

did not manage to get a name and title for this one, sorry

It was great to have the opportunity to have (Juxtaposed) displayed at the RWA and it was interesting to see how that piece interacted with that space and other artworks on display. There was a mixed variety of art works on display from sculpture to painting so the space was very full.

Originally when I applied for this open exhibition I did submit alongside this work (Tranquil) which also got selected but not displayed as I was told they did not have the space for it. I think it would have been nice personally to see the two artworks together side by side. Due to the scale and relationship of these pieces I find they communicate and interact well with each other.

Overall the artworks on display gave me a memorable experience, I think mainly because of the diversity and quantity and it came as a surprise to find that I was a joint recipient for an award called the Bristol First Collective for (Juxtaposed). This was the first award I have received for an artwork and it made me realise the confidence this gives an artist in believing in their practice and the value they have. 

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