23 October 2014

Setting up for Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair at the Candid Arts Trust, London

Today I started setting up my stand at the Contemporary Art & Design Fair at the Candid Arts Trust which is behind Angel Tube Station so its basically a minute walk. 

I took an early bus from Bristol and had my work delivered by a carrier. Most of the boxes arrived safely although I am still waiting for one more box to arrive, it should arrive tomorrow which is lucky as I still have another day to finish setting up.

Apart from that the space is ready the table is their. I had some time to test out the space with the work to get an idea of what kind of presentation I would like to go for.

From this experience I think I now realize how important it is to drive so I hope one day I could have my own van to transport my work.

Everyone is welcome to come and see my work at this event.

Dates are: main event 25-26 Oct 2014, 11:00am - 6:00pm. Please see the link (www.icadf.com) for more information. Looking forward to see you there. 

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