4 December 2014

Edwardian Cloakroom, Bristol

(The 100 year old toilet roll? Like some kind of ancient scroll)

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to visit the Edwardian Cloakroom, a disused toilet space in Clifton, Bristol. Bristol council now uses this space to host a variety of art exhibitions. See their website for more information at... https://bristolcitycouncilcreativespace.wordpress.com/the-edwardian-cloakroom-2/

As unattractive as it may sound it turns out this building is really oozing with personality and character. The building is made up of two sections, a men's and ladies room. From the outside the building looks quite big but its only till you step inside each room you realise how small it is. The building retains a lot of its original qualities from when it was fully functional but what really caught my eye was the buildings interior space and way the light and ambience of these two rooms interacted with its architectural features. Features include the black and white checkered floor, windows and the wall tiles.

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