7 January 2015

Exhibition: Transformation

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Exhibition: Transformation at the 44AD Artspace, Bath, UK. 
Opining Times: 13/1/15 - 17/1/15 12pm-6pm and 18/1/15 12-4pm. 

For more information such as the address of the event please see the 44AD Artspace website at.... www.44ad.net

This exhibition brings together four artists who work predominantly with clay.
Why do these makers choose to work with clay?
‘Transformation’  is an attempt to raise awareness of clay’s ability to undergo intimate manipulation and subsequent physical changes using heat, as an expression of our ideas and feelings, made solid.
Charlotte AspreyMartin HarmanWen-Hsi Harman andRichard Winfield discuss their motivation for continuing to work with clay. For these artists clay is the fluid starting point, ‘transformation’ describes the process; the outcome is derived from something intangible from within, frozen in three-dimensional reality. 

Thank you to Lucida for helping us design the poster and booklet.

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