24 July 2015

Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center Denmark 2015, A day to reflect and to think about the future

Today in all honesty has not been a good day, after firing my work I discovered that all of the color that was applied to the surface had chipped of the clay body. I do not know why exactly this happened as I had never had this problem before. It was heart braking to see as I really enjoyed making the work.

Also myself and my wife have also been finding it difficult adapting to this residency. It has made us realize who our true friends are. I have realized that you can be friendly and kind to other people but in return some people don't appreciate that kindness. This then makes me question if I have done something wrong.

On a positive note this residency has given me the opportunity to learn something about myself, I work better alone and with my wife as I can concentrate. Additionally it has given me the opportunity to develop my ideas and making techniques which I am looking forward to put into practice when I get home. 

For the rest of this residency I am just going to focus on planing a structure to create new work for when I get back hame as I will need to prepare for Ceramic Art York.

Recent pictures taken from the local Beach

(Interesting form, not sure why it is there or what it is used for)

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