9 July 2015

Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center Denmark 2015, Continuing to construct artworks


(Trying out something different, introducing closed spaces)


Today has been a busy day of contracting, I have been using all the shapes thrown previously to create new forms. I have been trying to free up my mind and see what new things I can discover, for example by investigating spherical forms and closed spaces. Hopefully tomorrow I will continue building, I have 4 artworks currently in the making, I will have to see how these pieces develop.

Within the artworks I want to continue to express movement and a sense of wonder and curiosity perhaps hinting at a sense of function. Its interesting as I am currently staying in a B&B and in our room their is a book called the 100 wonders of the world which has an image of Stonehenge inside as well as other very old buildings. This book reminded me of how built structures are essentially idea based and that meanings and beliefs are in a sense imbued or attached to the built structure that has been created. 

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