5 March 2016

Imaginary/ Symbols within the Built Environment (Taiwan, Feb to March 2016)

Research= Two Part Combination (what does it do?)

1) Stonehenge= Imaginary, freedom of the mind, inspiration to see the world around me differently
2) Built Environment= Structure, control, materiality, consumerism, culture, economic, political

Constructed environments/ Reality.

How we interact or how it influences of effects our behavior through ways of conditioning or shaping the individual from the outside.

By changing the built environment can this then re-shape people's life styles, understanding, knowledge or behavior.

Book: Ways of Seeing by John Berger

For example in Taiwan imagery such as cartoons, children's toys or sound is used within the built environment. This can conjure relaxed and playful situations and this seems to be taken seriously to effect people's life styles.

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