9 May 2018

New 2d artwork in the making

Recently I have been busy working on a new 2d artwork on canvas. The plan is to build up layers
starting with imagery that reflects my own personal experience with writing that also expresses similar things. On top of that I will be applying clay and paint. 

I guess what I am trying to express with this piece is the different places, people and political, social structures and social norms that have been apart of my life experiences and in some way has helped shape my identity. 

Here is a list of some words and sentences that came to mind when reflecting on my experience of living in the UK society. I then layered this writing on top of the imagery in a chaotic way.  
  • How are you
  • I am good thank you
  • Alrite
  • Slave
  • Freedom is an illusion
  • Worship the royal family 
  • Be a machine
  • Be mature
  • Buy more things
  • I'm rite your wrong
  • Worship the self
  • Don't care about other people
  • Silence is power
  • Monday to Friday be serious be a machine be stressed, Saturday to Sunday have fun let your hair down
  • Ritual
  • Repeat repeat repeat
  • You are a tool to be used
  • Money first, health happiness and wellbeing second
  • you are just a number
  • Do we shape society or does society shape us?
  • Democracy is an illusion, choose A or B
  • There is no tolerance for emotion in this society
  • Be Strong, Be Confident, Be Independent, Be Excellent
  • Do not speak the truth
  • Do not Express your self
  • Shut up do your job and don't ask questions

This is an example of a previous painting I created titled Blood & Earth. L:29.5 W:21cm. Pen, ink, clay, acrylic paint on canvas. I thought I would include it into this post as it is helping me to think about the outcome of this new piece I am working on. I realised by adding clay to the canvas it makes the image appear to be aged, in some way there seems to be a kind of history to it and the colour and quality is very raw.

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