24 June 2018

Artworks in progress. How Are you? and Symbolic Expereince

I am wondering, what do we mean when we say "How are You?". Are we saying it because we care about other people? Are we looking to engage in a meaningful conversation about the person we are asking? Do we say it because it is a custom? Do we say it for small talk? Do we say it to be polite to one and other? In some way this is so widely used that it has become apart of the status-quo and part of our social behaviour coming from my own perspective of living in the UK.

After my Grandmother passed away I remember sitting on a park bench when suddenly a robin bird came and sat next to me. It looked like it had some food in its mouth which it then dropped onto the bench by my side. At first I did not know what to think about this situation. I thought it was strange a bird would get so close to a human especially considering its action. I have never experienced anything like this before. This could be described as a coincidence or perhaps this bird thought I had some food hoping for me to offer it some. Then I remembered that my Grandmother was very fond of birds. After this experience I considered its spiritual and symbolic connection.

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