1 July 2018

Drawing Through Clay. Bath Spa University Sion Hill Campus, UK. 20th - 30th of June 2018

Back in 2017 myself Martin Harman and my wife Wen-Hsi Harman (wenhsichenceramics.com) had the opportunity to go and do an artist residency at Bundanon Trust in New South Wales Australia from the 15th to the 26th of November.

Our project was called Cross Cultural Identity Through Clay Drawing

The inspiration for this came from unpacking ideas relating to our own identities from the UK, Taiwan and our experience in Austrilia. 

This was expressed by investigating imagery to symbolise these countries, its culture and our experience as part of a large clay and multi-media painting.  

For example for Taiwan we used traditional Chinese writing and a outline image of the island of Taiwan. For the UK we used a robin bird as they are quite common and an outline of the United Kingdom and Ireland. For Australia we drew a house from Bundanon Trust that is used as an accommodation and studio as the architecture was very unique as it was raised on these stilts to protect it from flooding. We also drew a kangaroo as we saw a lot of them pass our studio on a daly bases. Alongside the kangaroo we incorporated a "Keep Calm and Carry On" sign as a way to comment on society in the UK and a peace hand gesture from the kangaroo itself to symbolise Taiwanese culture as well as Asian culture. Hand prints and foot prints were also used to capture the traces of our bodies as well as our finger prints. 

This large painting was created using clay that we dug and proceed in Australia during our residency as well as other medias such as pencil, pen and paint. If you would like to find out more infomation about Martin and Wen-Hsi's residency you are welcome to see this link: Clay of Culture 

After this residency we then went to the National Taiwan University of the Arts in Taiwan (http://m.ntua.edu.tw/ntuaen/index.htm) to share this experience and do a workshop based on this project with the students of the ceramics department. This was  a way of carrying this project forward to allow other people to interpret their culture. The results of this session was then shared as part of an exhibition at Bath Spa University at the Sion Hill Compass as well as Martin and Wen-Hsi Harman's large clay drawing created at Bundanon Trust. 

Poster from the workshop that took place on the 6th of December 2017

Students at the National Taiwan University of the Arts ceramics department creating clay paintings.

Bellow is the resulting artworks at the exhibition called "Drawing Through Clay" at Bath Spa University Sion Hill campus. For more information please see (https://www.bathspa.ac.uk/news-and-events/events/drawing-through-clay/)

The names of all of the artists involved in this exhibition

If anyone is interested in applying for an artist residency at Bundanon Trust in New South Wales Australia please see this link: https://bundanon.com.au

We enjoyed our time there as it was set in a rural location and so it was very quite which allowed ourselves to focus on creating. The studio and accommodation was very good too. Each artist had their own living space, kitchen and studio. It provided all the space we needed. This was a cooperative self funded residency as this opportunity dose not provided funding that I was or am currently aware of. Therefore you will need to think about how you will fund your self exspaccally if you are not based in Australia. What I will say is that you will probably need to consider your materials you would like to work with as they do not provide resources such as metalwork and clay work machinery so this is why we focused on painting. It is probably a good idea to speak to the staff first to see how they can assist you.

The view from the studio at Bundanon Trust

The Studio at Bundanon Trust

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